Commissioning a portrait
Commissioning a one-of-a-kind custom portrait of your four-legged friend is easy, here’s how it works:
1.) Send me several photos
2.) Tell me about your pet
3.) Decide on a portrait size
4.) Send your deposit & signed agreement
5.) Your portrait begins

I work very closely from photographs and the painting will take on a life of its own, but it is very important that you provide me with a good, clear photo of your dog. The photo should be one that best represents your dog’s personality and facial expressions. Your dog’s eyes are a crucial part of the portrait, they bring personality and soul to the painting. Photos provided must clearly show the accurate color of their eyes.

Portrait size & fee
Size — All portraits are created using professional quality oil paints on wood panels, and are unframed. Portrait sizes start at 12″ x 12″. Once I see your photos, I can suggest a portrait format, square, horizontal or vertical, based on what works best specifically for your dog.
Fee—The price of the portrait depends on the size of the panel and how much of your pet is included in the painting (face vs. whole body). Please contact me,  I do my best to respond to inquires within 24-48 hours.

Terms & agreement
Once we agree on a painting size and choose the photo that best represents your dog, I will email you a commission agreement stating what I am painting for you, the price and payment terms, and the turnaround time. As soon as I receive this signed agreement and your 50% portrait deposit (personal check), I will begin work on your portrait.Most portraits take about four weeks to complete. When your portrait is completed, before the balance is paid, I will send you a digital photo of the final painting.When the final painting is approved and the balance payment is made, your portrait will be shipped to you, fully insured, via UPS.

My guarantee
Because I am sure that you’ll be glad you invested in a custom portrait of your dog. I am able to offer you a money-back guarantee: if for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your dog’s portrait, you may return it and I will return the entire commission fee to you, minus shipping and insurance charges.

email me at to get your painting started.

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